Even if you’re not a cat person, chances are you know someone who is obsessed with their cat. Their phones probably have hundreds of photos of their cat — far out numbering just the several dozen pictures they have of their significant other. Their cats have outfits, only eat the finest cat food and are totally spoiled — in the best way possible, of course!

But what do you get the cat lover in your life who already has everything and then some? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are our top three picks that cat lovers will surely go crazy over:

  1. The LICKI Brush

Cats bond by licking each other — it’s an intimate experience for them. As cat guardians, humans are left out of this bonding experience. But now, thanks to the LICKI Brush, humans can bond with their cat by mimicking how cats groom other felines! The LICKI Brush is a high-grade silicone rubber brush with bristles on both the top and bottom. Just gently grasp the bite portion with your teeth and slowly approach your cat while it’s sleeping or relaxing. Then ease into the “licking” motion to brush and bond with your cat.

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  1. The Intelligent Cat Companion

The Intelligent Cat Companion is a smart toy that most cat owners didn’t know they wanted. This toy is designed to respond like a living animal, keeping cats activity both physically and mentally. The Cat Companion is designed in an egg shape with different detachable feather tails. Just turn the Cat Companion on before leaving the house, and it plays on-and-off throughout the day based on how your cat plays with it. There’s also settings to adjust to your cat’s specific play style and sound preferences. Your cat will never be bored again.

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  1. Cat Wine

Ever wish your cat can enjoy a glass of wine with you, as you cozy up for a relaxing night of TV binge watching? Wish no more — now your cat can also get a little buzzed with Pinot Meow Cat Wine. It’s a non-alcoholic wine made from organic catnip, water, sea salt and organic beets. Serve the Pinot Meow Cat Wine at room temperature, since cats don’t like cold beverages. You’ll never drink alone again.

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