For many, achieving perfect eyeliner is an enigma. It neither matters whether the brand is high-end nor the type of applicator you use. Even if it’s a brush, wand or a pen, sometimes the perfect eyeliner look still isn’t attainable. There’s often too much fuss in trying, and a lot of eye makeup mess to clean up.

But there’s a new group of eyeliner products currently available that use stencils to make applying eyeliner as easy as 1-2-3. All you need is a steady hand, patience and a whole lot of imagination. Here are our top picks of products that will help you achieve perfect, beautifully lined eyes that will make you stand out.


1. Violent Eyes Temporary Eye Appliqués


With these temporary eye appliqués, you can enjoy smudge-proof, glittery star power eyelids in minutes. Each package has 8 stencils that fit all eye shapes and skin tones. All you need is a pair of scissors (to cut out each appliqué), a cotton swab and water. These appliqués are available in two color options here at New For You: Silver Glitteratti Eyes and Smokey Metal Glitteratti Mix. Channel your inner rock star glamazon and make an entrance this holiday season!

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2. Eye Candy Starter Pack from Beth Bender Beauty

These stencils take you right back to art class in elementary school. Just peel them off, apply them around your eye (above where you want your eyeline to be), and apply any powder or cream eye shadow. Get bolder, defiant eyes with this product. You can mix and match different colors and shades, then remove the stencil. Voila!

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3. Beauty Blender’s Liner.Designer


Credit: Beauty Blender

This innovative little beauty tool can redefine eyeliner looks in five different ways (Dark & Sultry, Cat Eye Flick, Inner Rim, Modern Appeal, and Triple Threat). It also guards your mascara from smudging onto your skin. It can even create the perfect pout. How does it do all that? All the answers can be found in this tool that looks like guitar pick. It comes in an adorable case with a 5x magnifying mirror, so you’ll have an up-close view for precise application. Just line up the different sides of the three-sided tool to the various areas of your face, and give yourself an instant beauty upgrade!

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