When your work entails making videos, there’s a lot of equipment to put your hands on. From lights to mic packs, you’re not the only one to touch them either. Sometimes your camera man does, sometimes you share equipment with different production teams… keeping track can make you dizzy.

Even though most of us at New For You are consistent and thorough hand washers, we still feel the need to be a little extra clean in between the moments we can use a sink. But the problem is, we’re not big fans of the alcohol-scented hand sanitizers that leave our hands first sticky then dry. That’s why we’re so excited to share this essential oil based product — the OLIKA Birdie. Here are three reasons we just love this 2-in-1 hand sanitizer.


1. It smells amazing.


The Birdie contains a mix of three wonderful essential oils: bergamot, lemon and spearmint. Once you mist it onto your hands, you’re immediately hit with a fresh, spa-like aroma. Lemon is known for its cleansing properties and spearmint has been used traditionally to soothe.


2. It leaves hands soft and smooth.


Birdie is a reminder that using hand sanitizer doesn’t have to be a drying experience. The sanitizer also contains a terrific combo of glycerin and aloe vera juice. Glycerin maintains water balance in the skin and seals in moisture. Aloe vera juice is an excellent anti-inflammatory that soothes and cools.


3. It’s got a unique feature.


It’s amazing that something so tiny, stylish and adorable can pack this much cleaning power. The top part of the Birdie holds the spray-on hand sanitizer, and the bottom is where you’ll find the dry wipes. You can use the wipes to finish cleaning what you’ve already sprayed, or spray the sanitizer directly onto a wipe for a more thorough option.

Click here to watch the reactions of first-time Birdie users and purchase your own Birdie.


Stay healthy,

New For You Editors

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