Overnight jaunts are blissful moments of fun, ideal for reconnecting with pals, recharging or even renewing yourself. Perhaps the best thing about overnighters is that you don’t have to take everything with you. All you need are a few essential items.

In addition to the specific products in your own wanderlust grab bag, New For You has assembled a few items that will have you feeling good plus staying stylish during your temporary getaway. 


1. Kim Kimble Biotin 5000 Gummies


Hairstylist to stars like Beyonce and Shakira, Kim Kimble has officially crossed over into the vitamin supplementation world. Now, she wants to make sure all of us have hair, skin and nails just as healthy as her celebrity clientele. Kim believes you can boost a well-balanced diet by adding a daily biotin supplement.

These delicious gummies are strawberry flavored. Many who’ve added biotin vitamins to their daily routine have seen thicker, longer, stronger hair and nails plus smooth, pretty skin. Join the A-list club and be one of them. Don’t forget to slip a bottle into your overnight bag and beautify yourself from the inside out. It’ll be the easiest — not to mention tastiest — part of your daily beauty routine.

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2. 24k Gold Gel and Collagen Eye Masks


These gold collagen masks hold the key to ridding your eyes of puffiness and dark circles, plus diminishing crow’s feet. The unique combo of 24k gold gel and collagen work together to moisturize and rejuvenate the under-eye area. After wearing them for 15-20 minutes, you will emerge refreshed and renewed. Once you get a glance at how great you look, you’ll realize no overnight bag should be without them.

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3. PortoVino Beach Tote


This tote is known for being a stylish wine-dispensing bag for the perfect beach day, but there’s no reason why you can’t find other seasons and reasons to use it. The tote makes for an ideal overnight bag. It can easily fit a change of clothes, toiletry items, and it even has a secret compartment for the beverage of your choice, not just wine.

Need to stay hydrated? Fill the party pouch with up to 1.5 liters of water or gatorade, then toss some cups into the bag. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination parched and low energy, or worse — to a $10 small bottle of water in the hotel room. With this tote, you’ll keep up your hydration or keep the party going — it’s entirely your choice! 

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Stay healthy and happy,

New For You Editors

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