Pimples. Dark under-eye circles. Hangovers. They happen to the best of us. But here’s the thing — you don’t have to let the signs of yesterday’s soirée overstay their welcome. Here are the best ways to conceal common skincare issues with a little help from your makeup bag and some awesome beauty products.


Hide Dark Circles

Prep the under eye area with a 24k Gold Gel and Collagen Eye Mask or similar, then apply a face moisturizer like MIZON’s All-in-One Snail Repair Cream beneath the eyes. This combo will add some moisture and enhance circulation. Next, use a concealer with yellow undertones to neutralize the purplish color of the skin. Apply it with a thin makeup brush.

Let the concealer sit on your skin for a few minutes and set. Use your ring finger to help with blending. Finish by applying just a little translucent powder over the concealer for a more even finish.


Conceal a Pimple

Makeup artist Tyron Machhausen recommends using a drop of liquid bandage on the blemish. It’s an antiseptic that protects against further infection and provides a smooth area to apply makeup. He also suggests dabbing on concealer with a small brush and blending in the edges with a Q-Tip, then you’re ready for a tinted moisturizer. Be sure to match your skin tone as best as possible and finish up by setting the makeup with a light dusting of face powder.


Disguise a Cold

Social obligations don’t always pause for a cold. The night before you’ve got an event that you just can’t miss, use Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Night Cream to hydrate and repair your face. Step two: Skip the foundation. Using it on skin that’s irritated and less than glowing will give it a cakey or even ashy appearance.

Instead, even out your complexion with a light color correcting cream. Avoid blush; Instead, opt for a bronzer that will help bring color back to your face. Create the illusion of a dewy, glowy finish by using a highlighter or cream gloss.


Mask Acne Scars

Start with a full face primer — these do wonders by smoothing out uneven texture. Then, use a color correcting primer to help offset skin discoloration. These are similar to concealers but come in crayon shades like green and yellow. A great one to try is Lancome Miracle CC Cushion Color-Correcting Primer.

Now you’re ready for concealer. Be sure to use a thick, creamy formula that’s water resistant. Brush or finger pat the concealer in place to help mask the scar. Lastly, lock it in with a translucent powder. Pressed or loose is fine, but be sure to apply it with a fluffy brush so you don’t disturb the three layers of makeup beneath it.


Wake Up a Hangover

First, rejuvenate your face before applying your makeup. Dunk your face into a sink or large bowl filled with water, ice and cucumbers. This helps soothe swollenness and bring out your natural glow. Next, wear a mask (we recommend the Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack) to soften and heal dry skin. After the mask, it’s time to use a color correcting concealer, which reverses temporary discoloration in your skin plus gives you full face coverage. A good one to try is Stila’s Correct and Perfect All-in-One Color Correcting Palette.

Finish up by dusting off with a good face powder, either loose or pressed. Bypass the powder blush, which can make your skin appear dull and ashen, and go for a bold cream blush instead. Your face will look rejuvenated, dewy and have an awesome glow.


Stay beautiful,

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Lead image credit: leungchopan/123RF

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