You’re going to a wedding this weekend and you need a pretty hairdo stat. But it needs to be easy. Unfortunately, a lot of beautiful updos take a really long time, or there are just so many to sort through that it’s hard to pick.

Decisions, decisions. Whether you’re a guest or the bride, we’ve got you covered. That’s where this gorgeous hairdo comes in. You’ll love it immediately, and you’ll be polished and ready to go in about a minute. Maybe 5 minutes tops if you take your time. I’m not kidding…it’s that simple. Let’s do it.




Step 1 — Part your hair on one side.

Step 2 — Separate the front section of your hair forward into two parts.

Step 3 — Put the front pieces of hair in your mouth or pin them forward so you can put the rest of your hair into a ponytail.

Step 4 — Place sock bun over ponytail.

Steps 5, 6 — Tuck ponytail around sock bun to hide all of your hair. Pin in place. You should have a perfect ballerina bun now with the two front sections out.

Step 7 — Smooth out the hair from the front left section, then pull it over the top of your bun.

Step 8 — Twist the hair and pin into place. You’re essentially wrapping the front piece around the bun.

Step 9 — Smooth out the hair from the front right section, then pull it over the top of your bun. Pin in place.

Step 10 — Hairspray it all, you pretty thing, you!


Stay beautiful,


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