Hi! It’s Christine.

I hope you’ve been enjoying my blog posts so far. As you can see, I take a very investigative approach when trying out products here at New For You. And I promise to always give you the scoop on how they work in real life. Did you see what happened when I tried the Smudge Kit? What about when my husband and I gave the LICKI Brush a shot? That experience was very interesting to say the least! 

My posts will bring you up close and personal with all of our products (and take you behind the scenes of our video shoots).  Through it all, you’ll gain insight into what our brands are really like.

Speaking of which, as you probably know I’ve already tried a bunch of products. I’ve narrowed down my first bunch of favorites to three. This is just the beginning!


1. Wandervino Portable Wine Kit

I love this product because you can put anything in it, not just wine. Plus, you can throw it in any bag or backpack and take it with you anywhere. To a BBQ…camping trip…the beach…you can even fill it with water at the airport!  Boom! Flat water bottle! Love it! 

This wine kit is a versatile gift and would be enjoyed in any situation, from an outdoor movie night to winding down around the campfire after a day of backpacking. I’m just glad I’ll never have to sacrifice not having my favorite wine ever again, no matter where my adventures take me!


2. Zorbitz Lucky Greenie Great Wealth Bracelet

I like this bracelet because it’s a great gift for anyone you’d like to wish some luck upon, including yourself! The adorable charms symbolize success and wealth. I love to pair it with other fun bracelets for a stacked look.

You may be saying to yourself, “This is just another bracelet.” But the Zorbitz is unique in that you can set an an intention for whomever you’re gifting it to. The packaging card contains seeds that, when you plant it, grows into wildflowers! So it’s not just a cute accessory…it’s a memory!


3. Isola Coffee + Vanilla Body Scrub

Okay, now who doesn’t love a good shower or bath scrub? This one’s made with actual coffee grounds. It’s like a delicious-smelling hug for your entire body. Not only does it remove dead skin, but also helps to boost circulation and fight cellulite. Sure, there are a million scrubs out there. But this one has all-natural ingredients and none of those plastic micro beads that can disrupt your hormones and harm the environment.


I think my favorite trio of products is pretty cool, but so are a lot of brands here at New For You. So when you check in with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, don’t forget to tell me what your favs are and what your experience was like using them.

Happy shopping,


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