We are very excited about selling the PortoVino Beach Tote, a stylish and functional bag that’s the perfect accessory for any concert, sports event, picnic or beach day.

The best part about the tote is that it lets you inconspicuously carry and dispense wine. But it isn’t limited to exclusively carrying wine. It can supply on-the-go beverages for the whole family — from water to juice to iced tea to Gatorade or any libation of your choice. Each PortoVino tote comes with one Party Pouch that holds 1.5L of liquid (that’s two bottles of wine for reference).

If you’ve already purchased a PortoVino Beach Tote, then you know how awesome it is. Maybe you’ve used it a handful of times and are looking to keep the party going. To help you get the most use out of it, we thought it would be helpful to provide cleaning tips for the Party Pouch, which is good for three or four uses with proper washing before it’s recommended to replace it.

Because we want to make sure you enjoy your tote as much as possible, we must stress washing the pouch carefully before refilling it with wine or other beverages. Improper cleaning could lead to bacteria growth within the pouch.

Here’s how to wash the Party Pouch in four easy steps:


1. Fill the pouch with soapy water

Open the spout and pour some soap into the bag. Using Dial or any antibacterial soap will work just fine. Fill the bag about halfway with warm water from the tap.


2. Swoosh the water around

Close the pouch and swoosh the soapy water around the inside of the bag by moving the bag back and forth. Be sure to get each corner and fold of the pouch.


3. Rinse the pouch

Next, pour out the water and begin filling it up again, about halfway. Rinse out the soapy water solution with warm, clear water until no bubbles are present.


4. Let it air dry

Pour out the remaining water after rinsing. Let the bag air dry, leaving it open on your counter. Be sure the bag is completely dry and contains no moisture before refilling it with beverages and inserting it back into the PortoVino Beach Tote.


5. Store the pouch (optional)

When you aren’t using the Party Pouch, stick it in the freezer. This is recommended because storing it there in-between uses will help prevent bacterial growth.


It’s easy as that! Now you can reuse your PortoVino Beach Tote safely. You can purchase your very own PortoVino Beach Tote by clicking the link below.


Buy the PortoVino Beach Tote right here at New For You

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