Eating deliciously on-the-go is no longer a pipe dream. All you need are the right products. Imagine a tote bag that can carry a healthy snack while also dispensing liters of your favorite drink. Have you ever wanted to make a quick sushi dinner using just one tool? Look no further. This is the perfect buying guide for you!


1. Camp Chef Sushezi Roller Kit, $19.99

You can make scrumptious sushi anywhere with this sushi bazooka. The Camp Chef Sushezi Roller Kit is comprised of three parts: a sushi tube, plunger and end cap. Once you pump it full of your preferred sushi ingredients, you’re off and running. Simply mix and match your favorite veggies, rice and protein into the tube, close the tube and push it out, wrap it in a Nori sheet, and slice it up.

Imagine being on a fishing trip and making some of the freshest sushi you’ve ever had. The Sushezi makes it possible!

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2. PortoVino Beach Tote, $39.95


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This stylish nautical tote hangs from durable rope, but its outside is the only typical thing about it. The PortoVino Beach Tote has a special compartment for carrying an insulated party pouch that holds 1.5 liters of any beverage your choice, from wine and water to juice, iced tea and lemonade. Whichever beverage you choose to bring along, it can be easily dispensed at the push of a button.

No matter where your adventures take you, this in the only tote designed to keep you hydrated and happy. It’s ideal for camping, festivals, outdoor movie nights, and for a fun day at the beach, of course. Go ahead and retire the days of carrying multiple heavy bags to an event. This tote has plenty of room to carry snacks and your necessities, too.

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3. Addictive Wellness Energy and Tranquility Chocolate, $8.00


Guilt-free delicious chocolate that is sugar-free, GMO free, dairy free plus vegan, paleo and keto friendly sounds too good to be true. It must sacrifice taste for being so healthy, right? Wrong! It’s big on flavor and made with 100% cacao plus natural, non-fattening sweeteners like birch xylitol and stevia, so it won’t give you a sugar crash.

These unique chocolates are packed with superherbs and raw superfoods like cordyceps, astragalus, ashwagandha and reishi that either boost your energy or relax and calm you down. Addictive Wellness chocolates are the perfect midday snack or tasty dessert to cap off any meal, and the small, re-sealable box they come in makes them easy to drop in your purse and take with you.

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The best part of this buying guide is that the sushi bazooka and chocolates fit into the  PortoVino Beach Tote, so you can bring them all with you! We hope you try out and enjoy these products.

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