At first glance, when checking out the world of supplements, it seems very guy and girl specific. Men tend to go for the ones that add bulk (for muscle) and women for the ones that build lean muscle…at least that’s the way it is in my household. My husband has SO many supplements on top of the refrigerator. Sometimes, I open the door and they rain down on me, which drives me crazy! I have two that I keep neatly in a cabinet near our coffee pot, one of which he doesn’t stop drinking!

I’m talking about Beverly Hills Beauty Lab Collagen Restoration Powder. It’s such a unique product.

Listen — I’m all for throwing gender stereotypes out the window. Still, I’m aware they exist. That doesn’t stop my boo — or literally any of my guy friends — from wanting to restore the collagen in their skin, even if the packaging is pink! The white and pink-accented packaging of this powder reveals what the product does for skin — making it smoother and more youthful —  two terms that are often used in selling anti-aging products for women.

There are plenty of reasons why men love the Collagen Restoration Powder, too. New For You producer Gavin Garrison had this to say: “It’s great, I drink it everyday.” He added, “It’s something I enjoy drinking everyday because it’s low-calorie and a good way of ingesting more water. It tastes good and water is boring.”

In addition to promoting smooth, youthful skin the ingredients in the Collagen Restoration Powder also help the body in plenty of other areas. Read on to get four more benefits of this awesome powder…for everyone!


1. Collagen Helps Support Joints and Relieve Pain

The Collagen Restoration Powder contains collagen peptides which allow those who drink it to get this long chain protein internally instead of applying it topically.  Basically, the body’s digestive system breaks down the proteins into amino acids that are then absorbed to build muscle and help heal the body from within. This includes supporting the joints throughout the body, which is good news for any active person.

A study found that people who ingested collagen had increased knee joint mobility, less joint pain from physical activity, and could exert themselves physically without pain for longer periods of time. So all those who walk, run, or otherwise love to exercise could benefit from drinking collagen daily.


2. It Provides a Vitamin B Boost

When taken as supplements or gained from nutrient-rich foods, B vitamins are like a cocktail for good health. The Collagen Restoration Powder is chock filled with B vitamins that help with preventive care. They help promote a healthy metabolism and reduce the risk of stroke. But these vitamins also help with a lot more.

This powder contains vitamin B6 which helps to build new red blood cells and reduce heart disease risk. It’s also got vitamin B12 which doesn’t occur naturally in plant foods but is plentiful in fish, meat, beef liver and clams, so vegans and vegetarians may find themselves scrambling to get their fill.

Just a scoopful of Collagen Restoration Powder will help those who drink it to build new blood cells, maintain their healthy nerve cells and avoid anemia. Being deficient in vitamin B12 can cause health problems like fatigue, constipation and depression.


3. Polyphenols Support Bone Health and the Brain

Polyphenols are found in such foods as red wine, green tea and nuts plus brightly colored fruits and vegetables. They’re also found in this Collagen Restoration Powder! Polyphenols support bone health because they relieve oxidative stress and inflammation. They also help reduce bone loss, increase bone density and reduce the risk of bone disease like osteoporosis.

Because polyphenols helps reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, they also boost brain health. Studies have shown that those with a high polyphenol intake had a reduced risk of dementia and cognitive decline.


4. It Tastes Amazing

In addition to the incredible health benefits of this powder, let’s talk about the taste. The Collagen Restoration Powder has a fruity, raspberry lemonade flavor that’s both delicious and thirst-quenching. It contains natural raspberry juice powder along with apple peel, black currant, blueberry and cherry powder. One scoop and your taste buds (and body) will never think of a boring glass of water in quite the same way.

Want to try it? 

–> Click here to purchase Beverly Hills Beauty Lab Collagen Restoration Powder at New For You!


Stay healthy and happy,


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