I can’t help it — I’m a skeptical person. It must be from all those years working as a journalist. So when Alexandra Luizzi of Twig and Stone asked me if I wanted to smudge myself and my home, I didn’t know what to think. I had no idea what smudging even was. But I decided to give it a shot anyway. After all, Alexandra is one positive, badass lady, and if she does it, there must be something to it.

My first question — what is smudging? It’s an ancient Native American practice of burning sage and other herbs that’s supposed to purify and cleanse a space of negative energy. You can even smudge yourself to get rid of any negative baggage you may be carrying around.

And it turns out there is actually a science behind this ancient practice of smoking out bad energy. Burning sage and other herbs releases negative ions, which research has shown may improve mood through positive energy. Pretty cool, right?

Cut to Alexandra in my home, armed with her gorgeous Twig & Stone Goddess Cleansing Kit, ready to smudge out the negative energy hiding there. My first impression — it smells like a delicious, chicken dinner. That’s probably not the smell you’d think it would give off, I know I didn’t expect that. But honestly, who doesn’t love the smell of a juicy chicken stuffed with herbs, roasting in the oven?

Alexandra and I were thorough about smudging the corners of my home (which is where negative energy tends to stagnate) and myself. I’m a pretty tidy person, but it didn’t hurt to give my home a good spiritual cleansing. The idea of doing this regularly to prepare for the week ahead is totally empowering! Thinking positive thoughts and reciting little mantras actually helped me feel ready take on whatever the week might throw at me. It’s like guided meditation with action! I truly believe meditation is what led to my NCAA national championship in Division-1 Rowing…once upon a time.

Final verdict? Smudging won me over. My home feels better and so do I. So go smudge yourself…seriously. Do it.

Happy smudging,


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