From perfumes to makeup to hair care products, it’s raining A-list celebrity brands online and in department stores. With so many celebrity products to choose from, it can be overwhelming.

Hair care products are a strong interest of mine — I’m always on the hunt for brands that might be great additions to keep my naturally curly hair manageable and healthy.

One celebrity who recently launched a collection (back in March) is actress Gabrielle Union. Her hair care line ‘Flawless’ is tailormade for my hair type (curly), but I have specific reasons as to why I was curious about her brand, which helped me sort through the jungle of celebrity-endorsed products to find hers.

Keep reading to learn why I’m excited about this line. 


Made for Textured, Wavy and Curly Hair Types

This one’s a no-brainer: buy celebrity brands that actually speak to your specific needs! Textured, wavy, or curly hair is naturally prone to being dry because the hair strand shape prevents natural oils from working their way down the hair shaft easily. Choosing products with moisturizing ingredients is key to keeping curly hair looking beautiful.

All of the ‘Flawless’ products — from shampoos to conditioners to styling products — contain a moisturizing base of argan and avocado oil, plus pea protein. Another ingredient is marula oil which is rich in fatty acids, Vitamins A, E and D. That combination gives you maximum conditioning, less breakage and split ends, and helps strengthen hair.


Versatility and Quality

I also love the versatility of the ‘Flawless’ products. As a girl with naturally curly hair, I like to style it straight every once in awhile. For blowing out your hair, use the Blow Dry Cream. It detangles and rests your hair cuticles so you don’t get the frizzies during and after blowout.

Want to protect your hair from flat iron damage? Try the Heat Protection Spray. Once you mist this liquid barrier onto your hair, it gives you thermal protection up to 450 degrees. Also thanks to this product, flat irons slide right through your hair without harming it. This spray has a very light, non-greasy formula that won’t leave gunk on your hair tools.  

Need to finish your sleek look off with high gloss shine? Go for the Shine Spray. It transforms dull, lackluster hair into polished, glass-like brilliance. Say goodbye to frizz, flyaways and weighed down hair.


The Price Is More Than Right

Things like shampoo, conditioner and styling products are items people use daily or at least weekly, so it’s an investment. If you’re like me and have your go-to hair care brands, but you still like to try new things that aren’t too pricy, then you definitely want to consider brands that fit into any budget.

I was really surprised by the price range of this line. Imagine getting shampoo and conditioner for under twenty dollars, and hair treatments like masks and oil treatments for under thirty. Even the styling products mentioned above cost under twenty dollars.

Have you tried any of the products from Gabrielle Union’s ‘Flawless’ hair care line? We want to hear about your experience! Let us know by leaving a comment on Facebook or Twitter.

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