A note to all cat owners: do not try to lick your cat with the LICKI Brush when they’re in bird watching-mode. Wait until they’re sleeping or resting. Trust me, I know from experience.

I recently got the LICKI Brush and was excited to see what licking my cats (I have two) would be like. I made the foolish mistake of trying to lick my cat Magellan when he was staring down some birds and feeling like a badass hunter. Oh, Magellan. Anyway, he was not a fan of the LICKI Brush. He squirmed in my arms and accidentally scratched me…on my eyelid. Ouch.

Ok, so Magellan wasn’t a fan, noted. But I thought maybe my other cat Kahlua would like to be licked. Enter my brave, cat-whispering husband Steve. As instructed, Steve approached Kahlua while she was relaxing and began to lick her with the LICKI Brush. I watch and braced myself for his impending doom.

But guess what? She loved it! Like purring-and-looking-into-Steve’s-eyes-lovingly loved it. It was a little weird to watch; I felt like I was interrupting an intimate moment. However, it did look like they were having some next level bonding.

Getting past the ‘licking your cat’ thing, the LICKI Brush is actually a good brush. I was really surprised at how much hair it was able to collect off of Kahlua. The soft silicone rubber was gentle yet strong enough to pick up so much hair.

I don’t know if I’ll be brave enough to try licking Magellan again, but I’ll give it a try with Kahlua.

My final verdict on the LICKI Brush? Go lick your cat. Just approach them while they’re resting — you might be surprised by how much they like it. If anything, it’ll make for a funny story to tell at parties.

Happy licking,


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