It’s almost the end of the year, which means you may be thinking about your New Year’s resolution, if you’re into making them, that is. Some people opt for diet or exercise-based goals, whereas others take on loftier career or relationship-oriented ambitions. But what about shunning this age-old tradition, and deciding to keep your lifestyle healthier all year round? Just because it’s almost time to celebrate a new year doesn’t mean it’s the only time to be thinking about, and working toward, your wellness.  

That’s why we’ve rounded up three awesome products we use for sanitizing our lives, keeping them refreshed all of the time. These products are now being sold right here at New For You.


1. Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder


Our mouths get a lot of action. Before you get a dirty mind, we’re talking about all of the things you put in your mouth. Okay, that didn’t sound so innocent either, but you know what we mean… How can we put this?

Your mouth comes in contact with a lot of things throughout the average day. From touching our phones and then our faces, to chewing mindlessly on a pencil or biting our nails, there’s a lot of bacteria to go around.

If you’re looking to give your mouth a deeper cleaning, consider brushing your teeth with Activated Charcoal Powder. It’s 100% organic and doesn’t just work to remove surface stains from your teeth; it actually helps clean your entire mouth, too.

Charcoal is particularly great for absorbing heavy molecules and impurities that contribute to bad breath, irritated gums and even inflammation. What better way to refresh your mouth naturally? You can use Activated Charcoal Powder once a day as part of your new wellness routine.

–> Click here to see how Activated Charcoal Powder works 


2. Birdie 2-in-1 Hand Sanitizer


If you’re like us, then your travel-size hand sanitizer probably needs an upgrade. Why lug around an ugly bottle of plastic when you can carry the adorable Birdie? It’s a discreet yet functional wellness accessory. The liquid hand sanitizer, an essential oil mixture of bergamot, lemon and spearmint, is dispensed with a push at the top. And it actually smells good, unlike many alcohol-based sanitizers.

But we haven’t gotten to the most unique aspect of the Birdie — the dry wipes. At the base of this pocket-sized sanitizer are wipes that add an extra element of cleaning, because sometimes a spritz of hand sanitizer just doesn’t get the job done.

Imagine cleaning your child’s peanut-buttered-hands with this useful 2-in-1 product, or similarly after they play on the jungle gym. Maybe you are a working professional and desperately need this while traveling. Or perhaps you don’t want co-workers using your desk sanitizer like it’s communal. The Birdie is so stylish that people won’t even know what it is!

–> Read more about the Birdie right here at New For You


3. Twig & Stone Goddess Cleansing Kit


Do you ever feel like you’re just in a funk? Maybe you can pinpoint the source of the bad energy, attributing it to your career or relationships perhaps, but other times it may seem more elusive. If you feel like you need an overall refresh every now and then, keep reading about the Twig & Stone Goddess Cleansing Kit.

It’s basically a smudge kit that helps to clear away stale, negative energy from any space you frequent, particularly your home, and even your own body. This, in turn, lets the positive energy flow.

Smudging is the practice of burning a bundle of herbs to “smoke out” the bad energy lingering in a space. This kit comes with a smudge wand made with white sage, rosemary, flowers and lavender, as well as a palo santo stick and two crystals.

You can make your own ritual while using the kit to give yourself or your dwelling a nice spiritual cleaning. So if you need some healing energy or your day feels a bit stale, try smudging with this kit.

–> Click here to see how the Goddess Cleansing Kit is used


Stay healthy,

New For You Editors

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