Before I start this blog…I’m going to check myself.

I’m aware that my husband and I are very lucky to even be able to buy a home in Los Angeles. So the fact that I’m in-between homes while being 6.5 months pregnant…is a minor issue. That being said, not having a place to call my own to prepare for when our baby girl comes has been really hard on me emotionally.

This blog is about that emotional struggle.

It’s a stream of conscious vent-session, so prepare yourself. And, maybe, just maybe, you’ll relate and perhaps learn something so you don’t end up in the same position.

Nesting is the overwhelming desire to get your home ready for your new baby.

This is our dwelling for the time being.

Right now my husband and I don’t have a “home,” because the day we moved out of our last home we learned the sale fell through on the house we were going to buy. (Long story…maybe for another blog.)

So we (my husband, myself and our two cats, Magellan and Kahlua) moved into our friend’s 800- square-foot, two-bedroom apartment just north of Culver City. It’s been a great short term solution, and the five of us have had a lot of fun, but as time ticks by…my anxiety builds.

Each Saturday, Steve and I go “house hunting” in hopes of finding the one and figuring out exactly where we’ll be living. We’re looking in various cities north of LA, and a lot weighs on the location we pick thanks to LA traffic. Click here to watch a video of one of our recent Saturdays spent home-searching.

I snapped this pic during a recent house-hunting adventure.

My Nesting Checklist

Here’s my nesting checklist, much of which has been stalled, but I’m sure we’ll find a place eventually. Checking these items off will help me feel more prepared. I hope they also help you if you’re “nesting” but looking for a way to feel as prepared as anyone can possibly feel before a new human becomes a part of their life.


1. The Birth Plan

    • This is huge, scary and overwhelming. I know the female body is made to have a baby…but I guess until it happens to you, labor seems like this insane, miraculous and painful event. In order to get my head wrapped around it, I need to know “who, what and where” when it comes to the labor and delivery process.
    • For my husband and I, this means finding new doctors and a new hospital since we’ll be moving two hours away from my current doctors. Considering I’m 2/3rds through pregnancy, this doesn’t leave much time!
    • I’d also like to start taking birthing classes (you’re supposed to start at 6 months), but that hasn’t happened because we don’t know the above yet, which depends on where our new house will be.


2. Prepare the Baby’s Room

    • Where will the baby sleep? I’d like to get a swivel bassinet that attaches to our bed, but our current room doesn’t leave much space for that. This is my dream pick.
    • We also need space to change diapers…
    • And a nook to rock and feed her.
    • I’ve never had the urge to clean a space and organize it as much as I do right now, but I have nowhere to do that. That energy stays with me…and builds.
    • Also, I haven’t been able to buy her clothes, swaddles or burping clothes yet (because we don’t have room to put them anywhere.) I’m really looking forward to organizing a dresser!


3. Pack a Hospital Bag

    • This is something that can be done no matter where you are!
    • My current list: Toiletries, comfy pajamas, snacks, cards, feminine care products (pads), granny panties and an outfit to come home in.


4. Prep the Diaper Bag

    • Also something I can do!
    • My current list: Diapers, wipes, onesies, two sleepers, wash clothes, soap, hats, two swaddlers and a blanket.


5. Test a Car Seat

    • I’d love to get a car seat ahead of time and actually practice using it. Right now my car is filled with stuff that didn’t fit in our storage containers…so that plan is out for the time being.  


6. Find a New Pediatrician

    • Once baby comes, she’s going to need lots of checkups and shots! This is one more thing that we can’t narrow down yet.


Kudos to all the moms and dads out there who’ve figured everything out already while maintaining their busy lives. I’m beyond impressed by you!

It’s easy to stress out about all these things, but I’m sure we’ll eventually find a place and it will all work itself out. Life has a way of falling into place. (At least that’s what I keep reminding myself.)

If you find yourself stressing about not being prepared or feeling like time is running out when it comes to balancing your everyday life, or making room to add a tiny human to it, I hope this blog helps you!


Until next time,


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