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Beach Getaway Bundle



  • 1 Red/White PortoVino Beach Tote
  • 1 PortoVino Party Pouch Replacement 3-Pack
  • 1 Sand-Free Beach Mat

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Product Features

How to use:

BEACH TOTE -- Remove the spout and pour liquid into the Party Pouch. Securely place the pouch in its compartment. When ready to pour, position the spout through the pouring hole. The spout has a perforated seal, which must be removed prior to use. Finally, grab the dispensing nozzle (with your thumb positioned on top), and pull the two levers upward with your other fingers to pour your beverage.

PARTY POUCH -- Slip the Party Pouch into the insulated compartment inside the beach tote. Remember to remove the perforated seal before use.

BEACH MAT -- Unfold and spread onto any sandy or dirt-based surface.

How it works:

BEACH TOTE -- A concealed Party Pouch, which can hold up to 2 bottles of wine or 1.5L of any beverage, is tucked away in an insulated compartment. The Party Pouch has a pouring spout that is covered by a flap on the side of the bag, making it extra convenient for to refill your glass. The Party Pouch is removable, cleanable, and reusable.

PARTY POUCH -- It’s recommended to change the Party Pouch after each use. However, you may reuse it after thorough cleaning. Improper cleaning could lead to bacterial growth. Click here for a how-to cleaning guide on our blog.

BEACH MAT -- This high tech mat was originally made for military helicopters to land on, so that the sand would be trapped underneath instead of flying up into the propellers. The sand-free beach mat works extremely well when re-purposed for everyday life at the beach or while camping. Other than sand, the mesh fabric also sifts out smaller particles like dirt and food crumbs.


Be sure to check open container laws in your area as Bella Vita and New For You cannot be held liable for problems that arise from improper use of the PortoVino Beach Tote and Party Pouch.

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

60 - Day Money Back Guarantee

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Common Questions

Do beverages stay hot or cold in the bag?
Yes — the PortoVino tote has an insulated Party Pouch that keeps beverages cold or hot.

Can the bag hold other items along with the wine pouch?
Yes — the PortoVino Beach Tote is a portable, durable tote. It can store a variety of necessities, like your keys and wallet, along with up to two bottles of wine (or 1.5L of any other beverage) in the Party Pouch.

Will the pouch or bag leak?
No — the insulated compartment keeps items dry on the inside. The bag features a nifty spout on the outside that must be pressed to release the liquid, keeping the tote clean and dry on the outside.

The Sand-Free Beach Mat is big in size; is it easy to store?
Yes. Despite its sizable square footage, the mat folds up to a neat, portable size which makes it easy to store and suitable for travel.

How durable is the Sand-Free Beach Mat?
The mat is extremely durable and portable. It was originally designed for military helicopters to land on. The mat’s 2-ply material polyester fabric is joined by reinforced stitching.

Can I bring it camping?
Yes! The mat’s mesh fabric can also sift out dirt and small debris particles, making it perfect for placing outside of your tent while camping, for example, to help keep the dirt where it belongs — outside.

Try the Beach Getaway Bundle Risk-Free!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Try the Beach Getaway Bundle Risk-Free!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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