Time to inspire you with one badass woman’s story. Seriously, she makes me want to do more with my life!

I’m talking about Tara Brown, the inventor of The Sleep Styler, a quick way to get a polished hair style while you sleep. It’s pretty legit.

What I love is Tara’s backstory. Tara lives in San Diego and is a mom to two young children. She’s also an opthalmologist, also known as an eye surgeon!

One morning she was taking a braid out of her daughter’s hair from the night before and an idea struck!

Wouldn’t it be great if women could wake up with beautiful waves in their hair after sleeping comfortably all night?

Tara Brown wearing The Sleep Styler.

Before it could materialize…she needed to learn more. On top of everything she was already doing, she enrolled herself in fashion school to learn how to sew!

She came up with 20 different prototypes before she landed on The Sleep Styler. Then, she booked an appearance on Shark Tank to pitch her product and get support.

It worked!  

She did all of this within one year of coming up with the idea. How awesome is that?!

Her Shark Tank appearance happened on March 3, 2017. That was just 7 months ago!  Now, her idea has gone viral and women all over the country are reaping the benefits.

Life is hard, we get busy, it never feels like there’s enough time in a day…and Tara went above and beyond to show that there is a way to make an idea turn into a reality.

She’s takes the phrase Badass Modern Female (BAMF) to a whole new level!

I had to try The Sleep Styler! Click here to watch my How-To video. 

Click here to watch my “Live Reveal” of how they worked in my hair.

Thanks so much for reading my blog. I hope you feel inspired to be your best self and to follow through with your great ideas!

Be bright, be bold, be you!


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