The holiday season is now upon us. For many people that also means hitting the travel trail by car, bus, train or air. Whichever method you use to travel, you want to be as comfortable as possible while doing it. Here at New For You we have the right products to keep you happy, comfortable and healthy while you are on your merry way to your destination.

Here are three awesome products that make for great traveling companions.


1. 24k Gold Gel and Collagen Eye Masks

Wherever you go, you want to look your absolute best when you arrive. These 24k Gold Gel and Collagen Eye Masks are like pocket-sized insurance for looking refreshed, no matter how far you’ve come. These masks adhere to your skin effortlessly and work to decrease dark circles, crow’s feet and fine lines. The collagen and 24k gold simultaneously moisturize and rejuvenate the under eye area, so you won’t look tired or worn out when you arrive.

Wear these masks before, during or after your trip — basically whenever your under-eyes will appreciate a quick pick-me-up.


Buy them here at New For You


2. Birdie 2-in-1 Hand Sanitizer

Whether you travel by air, sea or land, you’ll inevitably come in contact with people’s germs.

Between touching public screens and handling your suitcase, you might not be able to make that necessary trip to the sink to use soap and water. That’s where the Birdie 2-in-1 Hand Sanitizer comes in to change your day.

Essential oils like bergamot, lemon and spearmint clean and soothe your hands. Plus, convenient dry wipes (located within the Birdie) finish the job to make sure your hands stay sanitized, leaving you healthy and free to keep going at full force. Yay!


Buy it here at New For You


3. OKO H20 Water Bottle

This innovative water bottle, developed for NASA for use on the International Space Station, has a built-in water filter that removes 99.99% of bacteria commonly found in lakes and streams, and internationally like E.coli and TK. But it also filters out the common harmful additives found in most drinking water like chlorine, PCBs and lead. Translation: you can literally drink the water anywhere you go within the continental U.S. and several countries abroad using this uber efficient filtration system.

Still not sure about the safety of certain water sources during your trip abroad? The company provides a chart with information to suggest the specific OKO filter you should use while visiting specific countries.  Forget all the others — this is the one water bottle you should never leave home without.


Buy it here at New For You


Stay healthy,

New For You Editors

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